Philosophy / Vision / Mission


Create knowledge to sustainable tourism.



“International College of Tourism has a commitment to be a leading institution in the hospitality and tourism business at both national and regional sections by focusing on the quality of interdisciplinary education under the management of international quality standards ”



  1. Integrate teaching and learning, research, academic services and cultural preservation and hospitality and tourism industry management.
  2. Focus on producing practical quality graduates that meet international standards to compete at national and regional level under the rapid change of society and technology.
  3. Develop academic content, curriculum development, research and innovation in the hospitality and tourism industry for quality and international standards which the new theory applied.
  4. Develop new hospitality industry programmes continuously by co-operating in academic and partners networks.
  5. Develop International College of Tourism administration; flexibility, transparency, through the adaptation of new technologies, facilities by supporting personnel and technology resouces.


Under this vision, International College of Tourism emphasizes on the integration of  knowledge-based business services in contemporary management and innovation to promote the vision and mission of Suratthani Rajabhat University in the same direction. The importance of integrating this hospitality and tourism business will lead to the goals it’s set.

  1. Integrated teaching, research, academic services as well as maintaining arts and culture.
  2. Integrated teaching and learning by creating a network of cooperation with educational institutions both domestically and internationally in the hospitality and tourism industry including local communities, organizations and stakeholders to participate in teaching and learning system.
  3. Integrated teaching and learning with other disciplines within the university as well as another university network for the creation of innovation in the management of hospitality and tourism industry that are the prototypes of the ASEAN community.
  4. Integrated interdisciplinary in the hospitality and tourism industry to develop teaching and learning approach in hotel management, tourism and the new hospitality industry.


International College of Tourism Identities

  1. Good Personality
  2. Great Service-minded Attitude
  3. Expertise in language
  4. Preserve the environment

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