Philosophy / Vision / Mission


“To provide intellectual knowledge for sustainable tourism development.”


“To become the regional leader in art and science of tourism and services industry.”


1. To produce intellectual graduates with abilities, ethics, morals, and professional skills in tourism industry.

2. To conduct research to develop the new knowledge in accordance to the needs of tourism industry development in

order to meet the international standards.

3. To provide academic services in tourism industry in order to meet the international standards.

4. To maintain local arts, cultures, and wisdoms in order to preserve and promote the cultural identities to public.

5. To build up tourism industry networks at the local and international level.

6. To promote and support the local environment preservation for sustainable tourism.


1. To provide students with knowledge in the field of Tourism Industry Management at the international standards.

2. To produce managers of tourism industry with knowledge at international level, moral and ethic related to Thai

and international cultures.

3. To develop existing tourist attractions as well as to do research on new tourist attractions.

4. To raise awareness and build up pride in the local and uniqueness of local goods as well as to promote learning and

understanding of the national and local history.

5. To meet the demand of personnel in hotel management and tourism industry in response to the government, state

enterprise, and private organizations.

6. To provide students with knowledge of English so that students will be able to study in a university of Western


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