1 To support student participation in the university activities in order to build up positive attitudes and raise awareness of love in honor and dignity of the university.

2 To provide students with the programs and activities, which enhance the curriculum in various subjects and focus on learning from real experience and practice through student-centered learning.

3 To provide students with all facilities, which support teaching, learning, and development to the students and lecturers. 

4 To promote various kinds of activity that support student development, such as, collaboration, unity, teamwork, sacrifice, and good relationship.

5 To conduct training sessions or meetings in order to continuously develop 

the students. Students will be trained with skills of leadership, emotional control, and self-confidence.  

6 To conduct career guidance programs before graduation in order to prepare the graduates in advance. 

4 Research Study To conduct training sessions about doing research by providing experts as speakers and consultants and by preparing tools and equipments needed for doing research. To do research for teaching and learning development, as a primary duty, of the lecturers, students, and the organizations for the benefits of knowledge publicity and quality assurance. To seek for the cooperation from both public and private sectors for supporting doing research of the lecturers and students as well as to publicize the research information, which is beneficial to local and national development. To utilize the research information for teaching and learning development and faculty development as the directions in determining the strategic plan of the school. 

1.3.5 Academic Services To provide academic services to communities in various forms, such as, trainings, practical workshops, conferences, national and international academic subgroup conferences, short-term trainings, knowledge dissemination activities, and local information services. To develop the personnel potential with the academic services capability by providing short-term and long-term training sessions and academic seminars in order to exchange knowledge and technology and to become academic experts for the local. To cooperate with educational institutes, public and private organizations, domestic and abroad companies in order to serve the local people as well as to establish the academic services centers for tourism industry and other related sciences as the main organization of disseminating knowledge, understanding, seminars, and meetings to the local. 



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